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It might be expected that those who commit to caring for elderly patients would take seriously their responsibilities and duties.

Protecting Those Your Love Know the Signs of Elder Abuse

Adult children cannot afford to relax and allow a home care attendant or the staff at a nursing home to manage the life of their loved one. Elderly residents are too often neglected or abused by the people who are supposed to protect and care for them. The only advocate the elderly individual may have is a friend or family member. Here are several warnings signs of potential abuse.

Increase in Illness

Aging adults are more susceptible to contagious diseases and more likely to suffer from illness. However, someone that becomes ill frequently or is suddenly much weaker than they were before arriving at the facility could be a victim of neglect. Improper hygiene standards at the facility and with the residents can lead to frequent infections. Poor diet and a failure to administer medication properly could also be to blame for health concerns. Contact a nursing home abuse attorney for advice if this type of event has occurred with a loved one.

Multiple Unexplained Injuries

Always be suspicious of bumps and bruises and any other injury. Slips and falls can happen at any time, but the occurrences should be few if the staff is overseeing the residents properly. Voice concerns about the injuries if they are not being reported to the family. Ask to see accident reports or proof medical treatment when any serious event, like a broken bone or injuries that require stitches, takes place.

Loss of Assets

Homecare providers put the elderly in the unique position of being both extremely lucky to be cared for in their own home and especially vulnerable. Not only does physical elder abuse occur when people are cared for at home, but their finances can be at risk too. Family members need to be able to monitor the bank accounts and valuable possessions in the home of their loved one. Check the mail to look for late notices on bills and review bank statements for unusual purchases or withdrawals. Review credit card statements as well. An elder care attorney can offer additional advice about how to safeguard personal wealth.

If any signs of potential abuse are noticed it is important to contact an attorney, like those at lawyers that fight for you that specialize in these types of cases. Elder abuse happens to approximately 1 in 10 adults living at home that are over the age of 60. Studies of nursing home attendants reported that nearly half of those asked admitted to either abusing or neglecting one of their patients. Approximately 40 percent of all residents in nursing homes have complained of abuse. Visit Lawyers that fight for you today to learn more.